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Lorewa is the Online Learning Platform that will deliver critical skills and knowledge to Arewa women, girls, teenagers across the World. Our platform is for all Arewa women that have the desire to either teach or learn something new. It is simple, it is fresh, it is real. 
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The simple things to make life happier

Take your life back

Do you wish to do more to make your life and home happier? Do you feel trapped in a job that you never really liked? Or simply you can't find the time to do all these things you always wanted to? Do you feel like the world is moving too fast and you can't catch up? 

At Lorewa, we are not just an Academy for Arewa women to learn new things about life, business, home management, self-care and more. We are building a community of Arewa Women from all over the world, to teach, learn, earn, become happier, more fulfilled and translate this into the communities. Empower a woman = transform a Generation, that's our mantra.

Find a course, enrol, connect with others and start your transformational journey today. New courses are added every month and your learning will never stop.  

Premium Courses, in Local Languages

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The Lorewa Affiliate Programme

Turn your passion into additional stream of income. It's FREE and its EASY. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Lorewa open to anyone?

Absolutely. We have developed the platform and the contents for Arewa women, by Arewa women across the world. Everyone is welcome to take any course, even our husbands and sons.  

How do I become an instructor on Lorewa? 

Any Arewa woman can become an instructor in the Lorewa Academy. Our goal is to bring the knowledge you have to the people that need such knowledge to make their lives better. 

How much does it cost to learn on Lorewa? 

To make it more affordable, remove the pressure of paying for each course, we are running a Subscription payment plan. For $5 or N2,000.00 per month or $50 or N20,000.00 per annum, you gain access to all courses, future courses and more.    

What are the benefits of joining Lorewa

First you gain unlimited access to knowledge and skills for life and business. You also become a member of the Lorewa Community with access to information, funding and personal/ business support. We also expose you to the international community. 

I do not speak Hausa, how do I learn on Lorewa?

The major focus is local content. Learning is more powerful when it is localized. Our English courses can be found at https://learn.sapphital.com 

Is there a limit to the number of courses and area of focus. 

For the Arewa Woman, life is broad. So is our focus at Lorewa. We will be adding new contents every week covering multiple spheres of life to make us more empowered and successful.  
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