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Lorewa is the Online Learning Platform for the Arewa Woman. Lorewa will deliver critical skills and knowledge to Arewa women, girls, teenagers across the World. Our platform is for all Arewa women that have the desire to either teach or learn something new especially in their native Hausa Language. It is an exciting and rich learning experience that will connect generations through the transfer of knowledge and traditions. Welcome to the Digital World of the Arewa Woman. 


You deserve more in your life

Lorewa is an online learning platform, Meaning “Teaching Northern women”. Lorewa aims to deliver an important educational experience for northern women and young people. Lorewa gives all women in the north a chance to learn, teaching, sharing and exhibiting knowledge in various aspects of life, to improve them by providing women with a way of self-reliance.

Sannu Da zuwa!

Experience The Lorewa Soft Launch

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Follow us in this video as we take you through the Lorewa Launch experience and all the amazing Speakers that enlighten us during the event

Connecting Generations

Nothing as beautiful as the connection that comes from transferring knowledge, using the power of Digital Technology, Language,  and Media elements. Arewa Mothers, Elders, Scholars, Entrepreneurs, Teachers now have their own platform to reach the world. Lorewa is your gateway to the new Digital World.  
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Simple things that make life happy

Restore your life

Do you desire to improve your life and your home? Are you tired of the work you do since you don't like it Or do you just not have time to do the things you love to do? Or is it that time is running out but you have no idea how to catch it?

Lorewa is not just a school for Northern women to learn new things, skills, housekeeping, health care and more. We are also building a community of Northern women around the world, educating, learning, earning a living, finding happiness, contentment and translating to society. Women's empowerment is our Goal.
 Find a lesson, join, meet new people and start the journey of change from today. Every month there are new lessons and no learning breaks.

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Great Lessons, in Hausa Language

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is Lorewa for everyone?

Absolutely. We have organized this forum with lessons for Northern women, from northern women all over the world. We welcome everyone to take part in any lesson, including our husbands and sons.

How do I become an instructor in Lorewa?

Every woman in the north can be an instructor at Lorewa academy. Our main goal is to bring the knowledge you have to those who need it in order to have a better life.

How much does a student spend in Lorewa?

We run a payment system of $5 or N2,000,00 per month or $50 or N20,000 per year, you can take all the lessons including the new courses uploaded.

What are the benefits of joining Lorewa?

First and foremost, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and skills for life and career. And you can become a member of the Lorewa team with access to information, self-help funds and business support, We also show you to the international community.

I do not speak Hausa, how can I learn in Lorewa?

The most important thing is to deliver the message in the northern most spoken language, Teaching is more effective if it is in your language. You can find our English Courses at https://learn.sapphital.com

Is there a limit to the number of courses and areas you focus on?

The life of a woman in the north is wide, so we in we in Lorewa are focused. We will be adding more lessons every week, covering knowledge on various aspects of life to become self-reliant and successful.
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